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    Arrow Portessie Train Station Remains

    Located at Portessie, Lower Buckie, Morayshire, Scotland.

    Portessie, known as 'The Sloch' due to its former name 'Rottinslough', I'm guessing it used to be pronounced 'rottin sloch'? Something I learnt a long time ago at the library to shut the villagers up who hated 'outsiders' (I'm a traveller, not by caravans though) and none of the born and bred folks knew this fact. I learned about the remains of this place from friends when I was around 11 when I moved to the area... And used the place to booze around 13 -_-


    * 1 August 1884 - Opened to Buckie
    * 1 May 1886 - Opened to Portessie Junction and connected to the Moray Coast Railway
    * 9 August 1915 - Closed to passengers; central section between Buckie and Aultmore totally closed.
    * 1 January 1923 - Became part of the London Midland and Scottish Railway
    * 3 October 1966 - Totally closed

    Portessie was also terminus to the Buckie and Portessie Branch[24] of the Highland Railway.[25] This line was opened in 1884 and provided a direct rail link “up the hill” to Keith. The line ran westwards from Portessie but remained on top of the cliff, passing the Pot O' Linn, skirting the rear of Cliff Terrace and crossing Harbour Street then swinging south contributing to the curve of Mill Crescent to stop at Buckie Highland Station before continuing up present day Millbank Terrace towards Rathven. Until recent years this latter section was used as a footpath and commonly known as "The Highland Line" — it was quite possible to cycle from Millbank Terrace to the site of Rathven Station as late as the 1970s and even early 1980s — but housing development and farming interests have contributed to the virtual closure of this popular route to Peter Fair Park. The line then turned westwards again towards Drybridge and made another sweep to the south as it passed Enzie and then headed uphill, over the Enzie Braes, to Aultmore and on to Keith. This link was relatively short-lived and was closed in 1915 except for a freight service between Buckie and Portessie which closed in 1944.

    First I have some pictures I have found of the old Buckie train station and a map of where the train went.

    These steps take you to the platform, the little straight line at the top of the hill marks the top of the stairs. Not for the unhealthy (thank god I quit smoking or I'd be dead). The steps are in pretty good condition but with age some have started crumbling.

    Remains of the platform.

    Great North of Scotland Bridge.

    Turn-Table pit (annoyingly this is the best view I could get).
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