Placed in here as a record of how it looked in September 2007

British Mohair Spinners. Midland Mills. Valley road Bradford.

Not much on the web about this place, But I think it was built in 1871 and finally closed in 1999

It looks like it's actually three buildings joined together. Inside there are ramps and staircases everywhere. When you look at it from the outside you can see the slightly building different styles. Round the back is a curios mock Tudor style structure housing ramps from one part of the mill to the other.

Getting in was quite straightforward. builders are on site converting it into..... Yes you guessed it! flats and shops!

Here's the pics:

Hope you like

The front.

Part of the old weaving shed, looking toward Canal Rd. (now fully demolished)

Side view, there are two 'Munster' style towers the one at the front is inaccessible, the one at the back isn't much better! here's how you get to it and what the floor looks like!

Up the ladder I go!

State of the floor up there... Love the 1970's graffiti! I wonder if Vera loves Derrick & Carol loves Eric still? Hope so, I wonder what they got up to in the little tower room!?!?

Only one room still had it's line shafting partly in place and this was it, the very top spinning room.

Time stands still.....

Sack cart

Frederick Fox made loads of iron work in the city at one time.


Top floor Hoist mechanism.

All together now "A is for... ASBESTOS!"

I then found the 1970's part of the building. I think this was the last part of the mill to be occupied before it was closed. the colours and in-yer face patterns were crazy!

Hmm... Orange!

You gotta love it!

This was a surprise! It looked like it had been left only yesterday. When I looked closer it had! the notes on the desk were about what was planned for the 3rd of September this year!! This part of the mill was being used as a site office. It was weird here as I was sure someone would come round the corner any minute.

Entrance and reception.

There you have it! shame all the spinning machinery wasn't there but it was still a great explore.

taken on Fuji NPC160 print film