At the minute, free time is a luxury I rarely get. Thankfully today was one of these rare days, so I decided to head out in search of drains. Being in Manchester, a city riddled with underground loveliness, this isn't that difficult.

Today I decided to wader up and get up close and personal with the Medlock. First port of call was 'U-missed' a short but winding concrete culvert which carries the river under several University buildings.

After this a short knee deep wade in the river eventually takes you to a outfall for a brick sewer overflow known as Hulme Flumes Little Brother.

That pretty much sums up U-missed... its pretty unexciting.

A knee deep wade, several odd looks from surface dwellers and a phone call later I found myself in the outfall of a sewer overflow.

All in all, a nice way to spend an afternoon.