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    Arrow St Mary's Asylum, March 2010

    St mary's asylum has always seemed like the ultimate asylum to me and after hearing of it's possible demise to the demolition crews, it was really a now or never type situation.

    The history has been covered before, and there's a few other recent threads which look at other aspects of the site which are worth a look at!

    Explored initially with Hmltnangel, Cuban bloodhound, Celo, Sandman and Theoss and later on with Silverstealth, Tumbles and Sinnerman . It was brilliant weather, which always makes a massive difference for both photos and just the general atmosphere. I could really do with another three days to explore this place properly. 1 day to find the rest of my way around, a day for getting better photos and also, just a day to take the place in without the camera! Unfortunately, Aberdeen is a just a wee bit too much out of the road to make regular trips!

    but anyways, cheers lads for a great day

    a ward

    general stores


    the projector room

    the main hall from the projector room

    a pretty mingin' photo of the admin front door - couldn't get it to turn out nice for some reason.

    In the kitchens. the stain on the door looked like the shadow of a person when i first glanced at it from a distance!

    In one of the outlying villas

    a mirror shot of myself!

    Welcome to the asylum

    the dentist

    looking in to a cell

    a cell in the admissions block

    the nurse's residence.

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