Ancoats Hospital - Visited By Ojay & R Fizzle.

First opened on Monday 11th August 1828 Ancoats Hospital opened its doors and established itself as a medical centre. On Sunday 1st February 1987 at 9am the doors closed on the casualty unit, thus ending a magnificent period of medical history in that part of Manchester. It was set up for the purpose of providing a medical dispensary.

The reason for that was that the poor had been subjected to the expense of their time and financial loss by having to travel considerable distances to the Manchester infirmary. That loss almost equalled the value of the medicine that was dispensed. Therefore, by establishing a medical dispensary in Ancoats that severe inconvenience for a deprived population would be removed.

Now part of the New Islington development by UrbanSplash, this now derelict building is destined for a transformation from the same architect (Ian Simpson) who blessed the city with Urbis, No. 1 Deansgate and The Hilton. "Big windows towards the light and beautiful timber shingles towards the wind will create buildings of quality".

After an earlier mooch round town and then meeting up with R Fizzle and hitting up Ancoats Crane, we decided to take a look at this place, as it was nearby. It has been a few years since I last visited this place and suffice to say it has seen better days and in somewhat of a state of dis-repair and well and truly trashed!

We wandered around in the dark for about 40 minutes, dodging the shrapnel and taking photo's, being real careful where we trod due to it's rotten floors and suspect interior. We bravely climbed the rickety staircase to have a look up top, but didn't stray too far due to the rotting timbers, and the fact that my Size 10 boot dissapeared quickly through the floor at one point (GULP)

All in all a good little 'splore and deffo worthy of that return trip, Thanks for looking