U-Missed & Hulme Flumes Little Brother - Visited By Ojay, Gone, Rookie, Urban Soldier & Morse.

After meeting up with the crew we decided to don the waders once again and take a look at some more drains, however the drainor exploits were soon to be cut short due to Urban Soldiers waders leaking!!

We passed through another culverted section of the Medlock underneath town near to the Mancunian Way & U.M.I.S.T.

This is only a short section, mainly concrete, and is quite dull on the whole, however it does make easy access to HFLB further downstream.

As we approached the 'Outfall' near to Factory 251 there was a queue of people on the bridge (Clunge!) wondering why 5 lads were in the Medlock walking towards them LOLz. Urban Soldier shouted "I'm looking for your Mum" some other guy asked if "we were looking for treasure"

Anyway a few photos...


Concrete Culvert

Me Dicking Around In The Medlock


As we wadered under the bridge which was seriously deep due to the recent weather, it was a case of "FUCK" (Yes), Urban Soldiers waders had developed some bad man leakage and he was struggling to carry on and nearly had to turn back... After a few minutes he ploughed through just as we reached some higher ground near to the outfall of HFLB.

Hulmes Flumes Little Brother is a small CSO into the Medlock, it is a Victorian construction of red and blue brick, with a bit of stone thrown in for good measure.

After a short mooch up the RBP we arrived at the overflow chamber, with the flume of sewerfresh running through the otherside. There is also a 'Penstock' here P14, but no controls, so I'm assuming it's operated from a street level grid somewhere?

The Penstock is a lot smaller than some of the other bigger sewers around town, but the flow through here was still lively with 'Turds' & 'Rats' swimminmg around.

We spent about 35 mins dicking around and taking some photos before we had to abandon the draining for tonight

Getting back out of the Medlock also provided muchos with onlookers (more clunge) watching as we climbed up some dodgy wall with brickwork flying everywhere and once up another landslide nearly dropped me back in

Anyway Thanks for looking......




Looking Upstream

Penstock 'P14'

Up-to the Penstock