Pic Heavy.
Yesterday I went to the very place I lost my pillbox virginity at 11. When I was 11 I didn't know what pillboxes were and I've loved exploring them since. Burghead beach to Findhorn is about 4 miles, maybe a little more and I spent about 5 hours looking amongst the trees, nearly dislocating my arm, failing at climbing up sand dunes, getting a little lost and getting soaked as I forgot my wellies.
Rosielse beach is somewhere I visit quite a few times a year, it's quite eerie in the snow and brilliant in the summer, had a few barbeques here when I was in College last year with some student buddies and a few explosions after we'd eaten our food and had nothing better to do with a camp fire (for safety sake, never put vodka into a fire and the footage of that is on YouTube).

There's still some remains of the trenches in the woods but they're over-grown, many, many pillboxes and anti-tank blocks, remains of anti landing poles and I found the ammo storage bunker. It was a nice walk until I got to the back of RAF Kinloss and then it started raining. It's a good stretch of beach and it's looked after by the Forestry Commission so it isn't full of rubbish like quite a few beaches up here but it's full of tourists in the summer. The beach was used in the 1940ís by the Americans and Canadians to train for D-Day.

Some Pillboxes.

The ammo-storage bunker and the size of it compared to me (I'm 5 ft 2inch)

One of the better looking trenches.

Interesting looking anti-tank blocks.

Not quite sure what this is (this is where I failed and slipped)

And at the back of RAF Kinloss with some sorry looking pillboxes on the beach.

Some anti-landing poles from various parts of the beach.

And just at the very beginning of Findhorn