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    Arrow German Fortifications, Guernsey, April 2010

    Following Hitler’s directive of 1941, that the Channel Islands should be turned in to a naval fortress, it was soon apparent that the navy alone would be unable to fulfil all its commitments, so as a temporary measure, the army was brought in to help bring the coastal artillery up to strength. However, the replacement navy weapons never arrived and the army batteries remained in operation up until liberation in 1945.

    The Battery Generaloberst Dollman was operational by December 1941 and was equipped with 4x 22cm K532(f) guns, which had a range of 22km, housed in separate pits and controlled by the command centre. The guns remained in place after liberation in 1945 until they were scrapped and the site backfilled. This battery was eventually selected to be restored as an example of a German Coastal Artillery battery.

    The command centre, and the observation and gun towers (of which there are many) around the island were never destroyed and stand empty along Guernsey’s south and western coasts.

    Locals stand with the original gun at Generaloberst Dollman battery shortly after liberation:

    The restored gun today:

    The command centre:

    The observation tower at Pleinmont:

    Other towers, pillboxes etc. On the southern and western coasts:

    Thanks for looking!

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