RAF Swinderby closed in 1993 and was sold off for business use in 1995. Today a surprising amount still sits there, two control towers, lecture suite, cinema and loads of odd buildings; even the hangers are still there.

Access is easy, I just turned up and wandered around the place and although there were loads of people and cars around no one bothered me in the slightest. The newer style control tower is trashed and the very top feels a bit spongy underfoot. The older WW2 style looks locked but the doors are open if you try them, not much in there though.

There are quite a few businesses on the site including a place that makes HUGE storage tanks which you could drive a car into, there is also an antiques shipping place that has more cameras than a branch of Jessops. I steered clear of these places.

Well worth a visit if you like control towers.

The Newer Control Tower

Out on the balcony

Up on top

Older WW2 Control Tower

Inside, stripped and trashed.

If you look off the top of this Control Tower, you can see the lecture suite which was my next stop.

Cinema, the projection room is empty and smells of piss.

General decay of the same building.

Nice water tanks, blocked to climbing unless you are a monkey.

Base proper cinema, very freshly boarded and quite well done at that.

There's loads more to see here but frankly I was bored by this stage so I will leave it all to someone else

Thanks for looking.