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    Arrow South Entrance. Western Heights. Dover. 2009/10

    The South Entrance was built around 1860. It comprised the Archcliffe Gate(destroyed in 1964 for road widening), the Archcliffe Cells and The Archcliffe Galleries, which were three gun rooms protecting the SouthEntrance Ditch.

    A plan.

    The Archcliffe Gate shown in 1959 with WW2 OP on roof. Two windows of the prisoners room can be seen on the far left. When the gate was knocked down; the rubble was dumped in the South Ditch and the road widened in the hope that new businesses would move to the heights...They didn't.

    The Archcliffe Galleries: Visited Aug 2009.
    Corridor through the three gun rooms.

    Passage leading to latrines.

    Firing slits in the latrines.

    Door to St. Martin's magazine. This magazine was added in 1877, it was first proposed to convert the gun rooms into magazines for St. Martins Battery, which is just across the road but instead this magazine was built.

    Blocked passage.

    No 3 gun room. This is the way in, the opening is below ground level.

    Part of a generator/transformer in the express magazine. This was used to power the WW2 O.P.

    Archcliffe Cells: Visited May 2010.

    Looking back to the entrance. This is in the short section between the prisoners room and guardroom on the above plan.
    It's quite a squeeze; 2ft square and 4ft long.


    Prisoners room.

    Cell 1.

    Cell 2.

    Fuse box.

    Vent door in corridor.
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