I've been far too inactive exploring-wise of late, indulging in hiking up mountains, sliding down mountains, blasting things out of the sky, and other wintry fun...

So when I spotted a familiar silhouette on a hill-top whilst South of the border this weekend I had to take a nosey

Bamburgh ROC post sits atop a hill, with a great view of Bamburgh Castle, and the Farne Islands :

The hatch has been butchered, with concrete smashed off, presumably signs of a forced entry

However, there are fresh timbers lying around, possibly someone is looking to shutter this damage up and make it good..

Having seen this, I was expecting a proper minger of a post, but it's not too bad inside

ROC issue wellies, a la Invergordon, though not required here

Mattresses still here :

I had no tripod with me, hence the gash interior shots, it was also pitch black inside ( though this might have had something to do with me still wearing my shades o )

Finishing off with the time-honoured 'ROC upskirt' shot as always