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    Arrow Bank Mill, Oldham - May 2010

    Bank Mill, Oldham - Visited By Ojay.

    Can't find much history on this one, except to say it was built in 1865 as an extension to New Earth Mill. The main mill burnt down in 1894, but this portion remained in production until 1924, when it was re-built, using the existing foundations, and with an additional storey. Subsequently renamed Bank and used for doubling by Oldham Ring Dounling Co. until 1981.

    A 3 storey building used for the manufacture of textiles, and more recently as engineering leading upto it's closure.

    The condition was very poor tbh, however still worthy of a mooch and a few piccy's whilst passing through the area one day last week.

    Ground Floor

    Lift to all floors

    Stairs down to the basement



    Stairs to top floor

    Top Floor


    In case of fire.....Prob safer to jump (LOL).

    Outta here

    Thanks for looking
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