Recently plans to build new homes on the former Thetford Cottage Hospital site have been rejected due to concerns the scheme could damage a neighbouring business.
NHS Norfolk submitted the proposals to convert the 19th-century hospital while demolishing more recent extensions to make way for a further nine houses with 15 parking spaces.
A decision on the development was deferred by Breckland Council's development control committee in February after the owner of the neighbouring bar and snooker hall said it could jeopardise his business and livelihood.
The cottage hospital became redundant 2007 when health workers and patients moved to a new 4.5m healthy living centre on the edge of town. Proposals to knock down the entire hospital and build 14 homes were rejected in November 2008 because of the loss of a historic heritage building.

The hospital was opened in 1897 and offered free treatment for patients as a result of voluntary contributions and fundraising at an annual event known as Hospital Sunday.

Visited with Dazza.

The Hospital as it was in 1925

Not sure of the date of this pic the hospital has lost its front porch and most of its greenery removed somehow I feel this makes it lose its Cottage feel.

The hospital after closure note the large extensions and removal of fencing


The hospital in its final days offered only outpatient services

This is Audiology one of these soundproof boxes you sit in and listen to sounds through headphones to check your hearing.

the highlight of this hospital is the lovely old x-ray apparatus

thanks for looking