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    Arrow Youmissed, Gripper, Hulme Flumbs L-Brother, The works - Manchester 7/10

    This was my first time in drains and i'm not too familier with the areas or terminology for them, so apologies in advance if i'm off with any of this.

    Visited with Nckt, and thanks to jim gillette for the lone of the waders.

    I've been itching for a look in a couple of drains for a while, but obviously never actually going in one before, i was reluctant to go on my own. After pestering the life out of Nckt, he finally said he would show me around a couple.

    we we're both a little pushed for time, so they were all a little rushed through, but now i know that Trolls arn't real, i'll have another look in the future.

    as i hadn't done drains before, Nckt said we'll start with a easy one, so we headed over to what i beleive is called Youmissed!

    sure most of you have seen in here, not a great deal of anything in here to look at, but we had a quick mooch through it, stopping only fo a couple of quick pics and for a look at the fish, which there are hundreds off! Wild fish in manchester city center wow..

    When we had come out, Nckt said it would be rude if we didn't have a look in "hulme flumes little brother"

    a quick dash down stream, and i spotted this, which i found intresting, very shanty town looking and looks well out of place, between a re-ferbed building and some new build appartments.

    anyway, off we went onto the Hulme flumes little brother, With Nckt leading the way.

    After a walk, we could see the end.

    at this point I stopped, Nckt is over the wall and walking down rthe other tunnels, i was reluctant due to the distinct smell of turds, and what looked like used tampax floating down the channel.

    He spent a short time getting a few pictures, jumped back over to where i was and we made our way back to the car!

    Then off to the one i was waiting for, Gripper, again, i'm sure you've been and i'm sure you know it's only a short one, but the brick work, and the twists and turns i love, i've spent hours looking at pictures of this place, and now i've seen it.

    in we go!

    Looking back out, before heading off into the dark

    once we had reeched the end, which as i'm sure you know is grated, we turned around and went back!

    once at the car, Nckt said, lets go to the works! I didn't have a clue what this was, and he said he had never been in, It didn't take long to find it though!

    A quick walk in the river, at we were at the outfall!

    Instantly I wasn't a fan of this one, ancle breaking rocks, silt, slippy and just overlll, dirty (asyou would expect in a drain)

    After a short walk, it opens up into this chamber, but there is only one way to go, as you can see one tunnel is closed up.

    and on we go!

    after a fair old distance, you are greeted with a bit of a stair case!

    And looking back down!

    once at the top, you are met by a much more sensable size set of steps

    If you climb the stairs, there is another channel, i'm told this is known as Inhospitable!

    After dropping off the wall and walking up this other drain a distance, i can understand why it may well be known as inhospitable, it is anclebreaking, it stinks, there are turds floating by and there is deep silt, we made it about 150mtrs when Nckt took a step and sunkright up to the top of his waiders, it was a bit of a shock when the last step was only about 6in deep.

    as the batteries on the lamps were going, and the stench was giving me a headache, plus the fact i was sure i could hear other people, we turned around and headed back.

    just stopping for a quick pic on the way

    and that was that, stuff packed up and we headed out, both running late for the other stuff we had planned.

    all in all a good morning.

    Big thanks to Nckt for the tour, and thanks to Lee for the lone of the waiders.

    cheers for looking
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