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    Arrow Holme Mill, Bradford, West Yorkshire - REPORT - (4/08). ARCHIVED

    Hello all,

    I posted this on derelictplaces, but I thought I'd repost on here since I've defected (and you lot are mostly from round ere). I haven't uploaded many photos, but this mill is my favourite, probably because of it's historical significance. Inside it is very plain, and has been completely stripped. Don't try to get into here, it isn't accessible. Lower floor doors/windows are boarded from the outside AND barricaded from the inside. I walk past it twice every day, got lucky and was let in (for about 15min). There was a rave here a couple of years ago and they want to make sure it doesn't happen again.

    I believe the current building dates from 1803 (the original mill having burnt down, a drawback of steam power) so it is rather small and plain, and made from local honey coloured sandstone. The slightly later mills are larger and more ornate. The mill has always been used by the wool industry in one way or another, the last tenents were commission burler's and worsted menders, and I think it was intermittently used until about 2005 (despite what the calendar says).

    Obligatory bog shot.

    Time stood still in..... 2002.

    "decoration" (?)

    Rusty (empty) safe.

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