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    Arrow Abandoned Church - Denholme - August 08

    I thought I had got gold dust here but it turns out that the Bradford Ninja aka Converse1 had got there first

    This is an abandoned church in Denholme which is currently up for sale at 170,000. Would I like it.....yes please very much indeed. The stained glass, organ and bells have all been sold off and what remains is an extremely impressive building, almost like a mini cathedral.

    At the far end some 1970 additions have covered up a fantastic ornate cieling, you can just see it through a small trap door 30 feet up. There is no access to this part. We checked out the cellar and tower. The cool ladder you can see in the pic just leads to an empty bell tower.

    Visited with SpeedySaab and time was mega limited hence the rubbish shots. Sorry about the quality. Outside it was chucking it down so not many exteriors.

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