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    Arrow Inchcolm Island - 07/2010 (Pic heavy)

    Inchcolm is something I have wanted to do for quite a long time, as a kid I've seen it from the distance at Queensferry and always wondered what was on the island and curiosity eventually got the better of me.

    I borrowed TheSurveyor's camera and lenses for the day and off I set a little unprepared not knowing how deadly this place could be... Wurzel did warn me about the seagulls and I only thought he meant a few and spent the couple of hours ducking and running around using American Tourists as bait and putting a rucksack on my head screaming like a little bitch and eventually hiding in a tunnel...

    I noticed this sign after going round half the island...

    And on with the report.

    Inchcolm is an island in the Firth of Forth in Scotland. Repeatedly attacked by English raiders during the Wars of Scottish Independence, it was fortified during both World Wars to defend nearby Edinburgh. Inchcolm now attracts visitors to its former Augustinian Abbey.

    Inchcolm was anciently known as Emona or Aemonia. It may have been used by the Roman fleet in some capacity, as they had a strong presence at Cramond for a few years, and had to travel to the Antonine Wall.

    During both the First World War and the Second World War, Inchcolm was fortified, like many of the other islands of the Forth in order to defend Edinburgh-Leith and the naval base at Rosyth. In addition to the battery of guns, 576 Cornwall Works Company, Royal Engineers, built a tunnel under the hill at the east end of the island. The tunnel is dated 1916-17. The remains of a NAAFI still remain, and are used as a small shop by Historic Scotland.
    Some olde images I photographed on a sign as I'm struggling finding stuff online

    I think at this point I realised I was going to die...

    I also reconsidered venturing into this one...

    And at the top of the walkway

    Emplacement of some kind?


    Through the other side

    Searchlight Emplacement

    And on the other side of the Abbey, attempting to get near/in any building would result in death...

    On the boat ride back (I noticed I'm terrified of boats, fail) I got a few snaps of Inchgarvie Island

    I'm planning another trip to the area to visit Crammond and maybe one day I hope to hire a private boat to get to Inchgarvie, the other islands are now nature reserves and are a no go.
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