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    Arrow Winkleigh ROC Post - (Devonshire Group) - August 2010

    Visited today, with aplogies in advance for the quality of my phone pic's (especially inside!), but as there isn't a report on the forum for Winkleigh so far I thought it was worth sharing.

    Opened in 1962 and disbanded in 1991, this is the current state of the site, with the inside having changed very little from Subbrit's report in 2003, well, apart from the few inches of water inside.

    The compound...

    Attack spiders guarding the hatch...

    Water flooding at the base...

    My camera phone has no flash, so 3 grainy pic's by cheap torchlight to follow, sorry.
    I had no waterproof footwear either so didn't actually leave the ladder!

    Toilet missing...

    Desktop items in the same place as Subbrit's visit, except the bottle & tin can are gone...

    Bunk bed ends in the same position as Subbrits visit...

    ...I know the internal pic's are absolutely dire, but when I'm rich I'll get a camera with a flash and a few more megapixels lol.
    The room is almost exactly the same as Subbrit's visit in 2003 though, minus the water, but with most of the items in exactly the same place.

    Winkleigh WWII Airfield Command Tower
    Another bonus at Winkleigh is the control tower of the WWII Airfield that remains standing within walking distance. Here's a few shots as the sites are so closely related...

    Front of building...

    Right side...


    Obligatory flaky paint...

    Poor shot of the many Stalagmite's growing up from the floor etc, the Stalagtite's on the ceiling are like 4 inch straws
    but tragically my pic of them was even more poor than this one...

    Upstairs in the control room...

    One of the last remaining stretches of the original runway...

    ...thanks for looking
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