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    Arrow Railway Control Tower - Gateshead - September 08 - ARCHIVED

    As I was up this way yesterday I thought I would have a quick look around this place, Shepy's report had me excited over the control panel porn Thanks mate for the info.

    The place is about 30 seconds off the A1 and I really do recommend a visit. A place like no other I have been before. The incredible tower is accessed by a scary staircase and as you go up, you pass two floors FULL of relay racks....a smashing place.

    The control room is like a UE dream, overgrown machines, ferns, buttons sheer heaven LOL

    Two words of warning though, park away as the Transport Police cruise the area (I saw them) and access to the very top control room is a tight squeeze and requires a bit of dexterity LOL

    Outside of the Tower

    Scary Staircase

    Button porn

    The bottom floor

    Relay rooms

    Top floor control rooms

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