easy one to fnd this follow the sub brit directions till you see a telegraph wire cross the road follow that wire leads straight t the post
sorry about the pics i took them on me phone
veiw from gates and approach

in pic 1 the pole to the right is the tellegraph wire to follow in pic 2 its to the left on oppiste side of road this is where it crosses and that white thing is my van lol in the very small layby blink and miss it type .
heres a question that puzzles me the roc post are for post nuclear dettonation wouldnt the fooking telegraph poles be blown away or have the com wires ripped off at the very least????????

as you can see the post is open the lid has been ripped off taking the frame and lid all as one

the post has been trashed and on my first vist it had 2 inces of water in there i relaced the cover over the top and it has started to dry out

i havent seen one blancked off like this before and thought it would make a nice pic