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    Arrow RAF Barnham Nuclear Bomb Store - Norfolk - 2011

    Many times I've read about this place and have always wanted to visit. It's now a private business estate but if you don't draw attention, it's quite possible to drive round and even park up and have a look at the many fascinating structures still in place.

    Opened in the early 1950s to house the massive Blue Danube bomb, it was a maximum security facility with a sterile area between outer fences for dogs to be let loose, they would've killed you. It was sold off in the 1960s when we no longer needed air based bombs and became the business park it is today. The guard towers are being restored at a cost of 250k each and the first one is superb....the guy who owns it does not let visitors up there though

    Lots more on this great and fantastically preserved site by clicking HERE

    Map of the site, ripped off from Tinterweb

    This is the entry road marked as M N and O on the map

    Restored guard tower on the map at first point T

    Administration and RAF Police

    Non nuclear component stores and gantry marked as A on the map.

    These are cool, the nuclear component stores where the fissile cores were stored, great condition they should be preserved. Marked as B on the map.

    Finally, couldn't resist a shot of my Vulcan sticker along with the place where bombs they would've carried were stored

    Thanks for looking.
    Under the radar, over the top

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