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    Default Speke ROC Post (Liverpools Only)

    Speke ROC Post (Liverpools only)
    This is the only ROC Post that exists in Liverpool. It was operational between 1959 to 1968.

    Not much. Subbrit have it as being filled with rubble to within 3 feet of the top, which it still is. As there is a fairly recent ditch around it as well now, it's most probably water filled as well.

    Compound and Ventilation Cover:

    Hatch and entrance shaft (it is there honest !)


    Follow signs for Speke Hall, turn right and walk up the track to the MoD concrete fence posts in the corner of the field.

    In the same Area
    In the woods just south west, pillboxes, air raid shelters, airfield electrical enclosure, air gunnery shooting butt. Just before the track, on the RHS is an air raid shelter.

    The bow shaped road to the north west is the old Speke airport perimeter track, with dispersal points off.
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    Default Re: Speke ROC Post (Liverpools Only)

    Please do not give out location details, and read the FAQ's for new members regarding the correct reporting procedure etc. Especially posting of reports! They are there for your benefit.

    Other than that, good first report
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    Default Re: Speke ROC Post (Liverpools Only)

    Why's it the only one in Liverpool? Guess they didn't give to much of a shit about the Beatles museum

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