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    Arrow Newick ROC Post - (Sussex Group) - Feb 09

    I have checked this one out after reading about it on one of the other UE sites some time back and it is only a few miles from home.
    It is flooded to a depth of a foot or so, deeper at the bottom of the ladder, i assume this is due to the water pump being located here originaly? which is laying above ground.
    The counter weight was hanging off and is now back on it's pivot point loosely! and there is no lock remaining.
    Inside there is the largest amount of condensation i have ever seen, 2 beds, the door sunk in the water and not a lot else! It is a shame to see it in this state.

    As you can see, not lot has changed here, still in a sorry old state. I am thinking of pumping it out in the near future and see where it goes from there.
    Watch this space
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