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    Arrow Melbourne ROC Post - (Derbyshire Group) - March 2009

    Not exactly the best post around but was in the area so payed a visit, Visited with Tankman.

    This post has a odd background as it was opened in February 1961 and closed in October 1968, but because Etwall ROC was closed the post was Re- opened in 1975 and finnaly closed in September 1991.

    Subbrit link,

    Stinger level: 10/10

    Nosey people level: 2/10

    Anyway on with the pics!

    Somewhere in there, lol

    A close up of the hatch

    The hatch now partly rusty with only 1 padlock left

    Mysterious hole

    FSM with paint in good condition

    Ventalation louvers which Tankman had to attack to make visible

    Remains of compound fencing

    Also saw a Pillbox on the way home

    Tankman will probably post more pictures of his later.

    Any more pics wanted just PM me
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    Default Re: Melbourne ROC Derbyshire Group 29/3/09 Report

    Ah! the return to Melbourne
    It bought back such fond memories of weird people lurking in a layby, asking is this where the ROC Post is MD & Goldie the return of......

    Well it must have been about a year ago, but once again up for a visit to the in-laws and a chance visit to escape for a while and check to see if anything had changed----- NO!

    The usual brambles remembered me with such fondness, that they attacked me with vigour, as if to say welcome back.!
    I like last year, retaliated with full force of my swagger stick and beat the crap out of them

    Clearing the way around the FSM pipe and Rear vent for some pics!
    But this year a secret weapon was being used for the first time

    Not FSM Cam, but AV Cam

    Here are a few secret pics of Melbourne

    AV Cam in use for the first time reveals the sump and relatively dry shaft of Melbourne ROC.

    The underside of the Hatch cover!

    Ah! so thats where the vent is

    The enemy in front of me! But beaten back by my swagger stick and size 11 boot

    AV Cam is still in its infancy but better things are hoped of it in the near future
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