This was one of the first posts to be located on the new Satnav download, and it worked a treat taking me within 100 yards of the posts location

Visited with Bunkerkid.
Like most posts in Cornwall they seem to be up 'One Horse track Roads' with high hedges and narrow roads with hardly any places to park.
This is trail bike country indeed, will have to get me a Yamaha

The post is located in its own compound in a small copse, next to a phone mast, which has sprang up since Subbrit visited it back in 2000.
There does not appear to have been any other visitors since then. As I cannot find any other reports to the contrary?

Being the first since, I was not expecting much as evidenced by SB's visit!
This is a 68 closure, and it shows!
On with the pics.

First impressions Yuk The GZI mount is on a 2 foot high extension, this was done to give better coverage for the meter

The hatch was laying at the bottom of the shaft along with the counter weight.

As I desended the ladder it suddenly dawned on me that some of the rungs had nearly rusted out luckily it withstood my weight but be aware if visiting

The inside had completly changed since SB's visit the bed had gone and the post although wet was not flooded anymore, but was a complete mess.
Not much remains apart from a couple of rusty buckets, Elsen toilet, jerrycan and loads of twigs/branches, broken vents etc.

Decaying vents along with rusty jerry can etc.

A Bit blurry! No trace of the wall/ceiling tiles. It looks as if they were never put on the walls, as they are so smooth and clean

Hatch & counter weight at the bottom, pump still in situ.

Ubiquous pic looking up the shaft Big spiders in here.

The post now plays home to a lot of Escargots (snails) who seem to be breeding behind the posts door and corners. The damp conditions are riff for them, and its better we close the door and leave them to it.

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