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    Arrow Castor ROC Post - (Northamptonshire Group) - April 2009

    Well me and Bunkerkid was in the area doing a bit of "Look & Find UE" when the Satnav flashed up Castor ROC nearby

    Now BK said that he did not want to do this due to the well documented hanging of a farmer in the shaft some years ago

    But being a bit of a ghost hunter the temptation was to much.
    Easy enough to find due to the 'Scaffold' aircraft post nearby and the footpath running alongside the compound.

    Being a 68, closure I was not expecting to much from previous reports.

    The compound is heavily overgrown and although the sun was out! Gloom quickly took over as we entered the wood.
    A massive branch has grown across the open hatch, sealing its fate forever.

    With BK's favourite hate of spiders I was the first to get rid of them and then I descended the shaft.

    With the thought of a hanging farmer alongside me in the shaft did not make me feel any happier. This place is spooky

    A few things remain a single bed old paint pots and the vent louvres and the wall tables. A small fire must have burned down here at some time charring the tiles on the walls.
    Pics were taken and a quick exit was made
    Noises and a grouse making its usual sound scarred the crap out of me and BK and we exited fast.

    A Sad Post indeed due to the Spectre of the Hanged farmer

    Deep in the dead wooded compound the hatch lays open!

    BK trys out the bed for size

    Post tables remain in place!

    The shaft of dispair

    Rear vent shaft buried in the wood.
    The FSM pipe has been sawn off at ground level
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