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    Arrow Cheddington ROC Post - (Buckinghamshire Group) - April 2009

    Visited with 'Bunkerkid' this post is located on top of a hill and the nearest road/track is about half a mile away. So a bit of a walk was in order across the fields

    Cheddington was a Master Post and closed in 1991. Its remote location should have preserved its interior, but alas not so
    The later style security hatch was fitted in 1989 and was in use up until closure

    But this was to be a strange hatch that we encountered
    The post is easily found by following the line of telegraph poles that leads up to the post, the line is still complete on all the poles and just cut at the juncture of the last pole

    The enclosure is of 6 feet of green chain link fencing topped by barbed wire!
    Once entry was found!
    The compound is very heavily overgrown, with none of the surface sturctures visible apart from the shaft/entrance.

    The complete top of the shaft/GZI indicator/airvent is completly been ripped off How and why this was done I am not sure off
    The interior is completly trashed with the cupboards laying on the floor broken and stinky rubbish thrown all about

    The walls are covered in cork tiles as opposed to normal Poly tiles and the main door has never been painted In fact it looks as if it may have been new, albeit 1990's
    On with the pics:

    Telegraph poles/phone wire, still in situ lead up to the post on the hill.

    Hatch completely ripped off! The torlift is still locked

    The post has suffered a small fire at some stage and is heavily charred. The walls were covered in cork tiles and the post door was of bare wood, having never been painted

    Although mostly stripped! Some strange finds still lurk like this early Teletalk unit, AD3460, dating from the 1960's, slowly rusting away.

    Best thing to do was close the door on leaving

    Further pics can be found here:

    Subbrit link here:
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