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    Arrow Otterham ROC Post - (Cornwall Group) - July 2009

    Visited with Tankman

    Opened July 1962

    Closed September 1991

    Subbrit visit:

    Not much has changed since RAndys visit but the sump is sadly full of water way above the grill limit and the post could start to flood soon

    Anyway, with very strong wind speeds of up to 20mph we descend, pics:


    FSM with security plate

    Vent with unique covers

    Bed frames

    Empty cupoard, alas no Glitto

    Remains of paperwork, nothing special sadly

    Rusty Fire blanket dispenser

    Sump pump and ruined 'unexploded marron' sign due to levels of damp and it being made of very thin wood

    Usual upshaft shot

    View of the compound

    Pretty damp down there hence the damage to paperwork and other items, also if visiting watch out for the rusty hasps that you can very easily cut youself on when coming up/ down the post, and don't hold onto the hatch for support as it doesnt hold properly
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