1991 Closure

This post was a bit of an enigma for me, I knew it was a good one and to really take the piss, the post was perfectly visible from the Haven Caravan site we were taking our holidays in. The post had one problem, the field was FULL of very big cows

After waiting for a full three days for the cows to piss off or something I decided to investigate. The cows were still there and when I looked more closely, there were two fields, one full of calves and one full of very angry cows trying to get to those calves. I got round the first field and braved the larger cows who were very loud and quite aggressive, shouts cleared them but only so far. After really struggling with the hasps the whole bovine presence had become very uncomfortable so I was glad to get down the ladder into the post.

As soon as I got down there the cows up top decided to really kick off, very loud mooing, snorting, bashing the access shaft and now I was really beginning to actually get scared. I took a few quick shots and climbed to the top of the shaft to be greeted by the herd. I had to really shout and wave to get them to move back and I made a very quick exit out the hedge and into the field next door with the calves. This made the big cows even angrier and some decided that fuck the hedge, we're getting him. They were the most angry cows I had ever experienced.

I decided to hell with this which is why my surface shots are taken from a distance. Inside the post is nice and clean with comms still present and even some tools on the tool board. The tbar has been cut out of the hatch with a gas axe or similar, a few posts round this way had been opened in this fashion and the contents stolen.

Taken on the "way out", you can see our home for the week in the background.

Inside, nice post. Probably due to the cows.