Stopped by here today with Mr Sam, diehardlove, and thebluefox, after searching for other posts that didn't exist anymore! Very odd post this one. There were two rather cheap padlocks securing the hatch so no access. There was also a saw laying on top of the hatch, as well as part of the bpi pipe, which looked like it had been crudely cut off. There was also a rake resting against the vent shaft. The hedgerow on one side of the post has been hacked around a bit and the compound has been cleared. Carpet has been put on the ground, but brambles are now starting to grow over it. Oddly the original pathway to the post has not been cleared, but it looks like someones sprayed something in the neighboring field to kill everything off and make a different pathway! We went to the house opposite and the man said he had been in the post a few times, and people often visited it. Think he said the owner was doing some work on it, but was not restoring it? (guys correct me if im wrong) He told us where the owner lived and his name. So we thanked him and headed off to find the guy. After knocking on a few doors, seems he does not exist

Apologies for the poor pic, lense is poorly