Last day of my holiday so did my second and final ROC post, solo visit

Opened: June 1960

Closed: September 1991

Subbrit visit:

This post is in the middle of a hill type field and is welded shut due to vandalism according to subbrit and you can still see sighns of this on the hatch today as can the faded 'keep out' once on it, strangely this post seems to have had 2 t bars on the hatch, was a master post.



Vent, remains of the pump up mast still attached

FSM with security plate

Anchor point for mast, supprisingly right next to the hatch

Aircraft post

Inside, just a rotting wooden instrument table and some GPO junction boxes

Where someone has tryed to yank up the hatch

Hatch with what looks to be 2 t bars. also can see the faded 'keep out' writing

On my way out of the field the farmer came running up and started searching for me but by that time I was away and he never saw me!