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    Arrow Cerrigydruidion ROC Post - (Denbighshire Group) - August 08

    Date Closed: 1968

    Subbrit link:

    Forgot about this one! Was done as part of the road trip in wales.


    Took aaaaages to get in to it. The hatch was jammed shut. Took even longer to shut the damn thing! To help i got Buried alive to sit on the broken corner of the hatch, and trapped her bum in it (well i thought it was funny)

    Anyhows onto the pics

    from the outside

    Ob room, nothings changed since the subbrit guys visited apart from the cupboard door has moved


    In the subbrit visit you can see 2 bodies on the floor, still there
    mmmmmm Juicy 8+ year old corpses
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