Redcar has always been one that has fascinated me.

People have said it was welded, and the plug mangled.

Now that is not the case, its also not in a secure compound anymore.

Its owned by Redcar Golf CLub, and the Head Greenkeeper was kind enough to hand me the Torlift Key, saying i could take what i wanted for my resto, as they are planning on turning it into a water storage tank for the greens.

Compund was all ripped open.

No weld, or any signs of it being welded in the past, perhaps this was to keep people away?

I opened the hatch, and descended the ladders, hopeing to find a teletalk. Unfortunatly, it was gone. And all that remained was a tt shape in the dust of the desk. The jerry cans have also gone and chairs.

Comms were still on the wall, and as they were MINT, i took them, as i needed a filter unit anyway. If anyone needs a carrier reciever and loudpseaker, let me know. These are loads better compared to the ones i did have, and at least ive saved them from flooding :O

The head greenkeeper hasnt been there long and seems to think that it was stripped out by the previous one when they were thinking of turning it into a tank a few years ago.

This would explain why everything that wasnt fixed down was gone. A TT hunter would have taken the comms, as they are so lush!

Bit of water in the sump which i thought was odd, but it was rusty lumpy water which leads me to think the jerry cans have been emptied down there.

He said he'll ask around and have a look through all the storage sheds to see if he can find it, i mean no one would have taken the plastic chairs surely?!

Also my camera was playing up today, the lens wouldnt focus and frame properly and half the photos were corrupt :\


Toilet is empty apart from a broken trolly thing. The rubble was also swept into a neat pile hmmmmm